Facade Cleaning

Facade cleaning is one of the most important tasks for the positive appearance of companies and buildings. Multi-storey buildings are cleaned at great heights, making it a demanding task for professional glass and building cleaners with strict safety requirements. The different materials of facades, e.g. stainless steel, glass, lacquered metal, copper or stone, require cleaning methods that are adapted to them. Environmental friendliness is becoming increasingly important in glass and façade cleaning, which is why cleaning with Clavis cleaning systems is recommended. Services includes of:

  • Façade Cleaning using Rope Access
  • Façade Inspection using mix method Rope Access, Manlift and Scaffolding
  • Façade Restoration using Rope Access services Building older than 10 years need restoration
  • Confine space access solutions
  • Safety Solution using Rope Access Method
  • Façade Painting Work
  • Façade Silicon Replacement and waterproofing
  • Window Glass Replacement etc.

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