Ground & Greenery Management

Clavis provides a robust in-company program for corporate and commercial customers covering all aspects of ground and greenery maintenance with consistency and efficiency in mind. We start by providing a free site survey by the experienced management team, and then we start creating your program with due regard to cost and efficiency.

The core of the program will include maintenance of indoor plants and gardens, regular weeding and annual ventilation/scratching. During the winter months, we combine a bunch of grains and leaves to keep you safe and flavorful during severe weather. Moreover, we take the program to the next level by adding treatments to wash all tracks, roads and other public lands promptly on time, thus maintaining aesthetically attractive reasons and protecting them from mildew, algae and other harsh elements. Services includes of:

  • Keep of the grounds well arranged.
  • Irrigation.
  • Landscape design.
  • Planting and tree maintenance.
  • Litter control, recycling, and waste management.

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