Pest Control

Clavis offers discreet and cost-effective preventative treatment plans within the soft service programs of corporate and commercial customers. After conducting a free site survey, our dedicated management team will assess your current residence for all potential risks, access points and risks posing an immediate problem.

Then a strong program is put in place as a precaution against seasonal insects, crawling insects, flying insects, and rodents. Through regular visits, assessments and customized measures taken when necessary, we ensure that your buildings are kept free of pests. We also offer to consult services to help take more precautions the customer can take such as positioning, waste management and pest access points that increase the effectiveness of treatments, Services includes of:

  • Monitoring, prevention and curative control of:
    • Insects
    • IRodents
    • IStored product pests
  • Non-toxic pest control systems
  • Bio risk assessments
  • Documented pest management systems
  • Auditing of hygiene and pest management standards

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