Security & Safety Management

We provide comprehensive security solutions using manned guards for all infrastructures & establishments - commercial and residential, with a focus to maintain a safe and secure environment and workplace. Clavis has been delivering a wide range of reliable and dependable security services to all kinds of industries, with tailored solutions matching our clients’ exact security needs. Each of our security guards are trained to the highest industry standards. With the necessary approved licenses, our standards are as per norms defined by various statutory bodies like Insurance , Police, Fire and Rescue services. Our Human Resource processes ensure a thorough screening, background checks and verification of track records. Our guards are highly dedicated, motivated and customer centric and we can guarantee a fast turnaround to any security breach and to keep your business safeguarded against any criminal activity at any time of the day or night.

  • Debt administration and recovery
  • Detective services
  • Personal bodyguards
  • ESS – security alarms
  • EKV – electronic access systems
  • MZS – mechanical barrier systems
  • CCTV – camera systems
  • EP S – fire alarms

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